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Agony will have option to remove censorship in its PC version

The content of the game had to be modified for publication on consoles

After completing a successful campaign on Kickstarter, the horror game Agony was able to meet its goals of publishing on consoles and computer, so that the game has contemplated its launch for this year on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. However, given the type of content and strong images shown, the Madmind Studio game underwent some modifications to reach the console. Fortunately, this will not be the case on PC and fans will be able to play the original version.

Through a posting on the Agony site on Kickstarter, the development team reported that the PC version will receive a patch to remove all types of censorship once the game is available. Also, the team explained that the reason why Agony suffered censorship on PS4 and Xbox One was due to compliance with the console content standards, with the aim of achieving an M classification and avoiding that of adults only, AO, which could affect the business model planned for this game. Also, it was reported that although Agony will have some changes in its content on PS4 and Xbox One, the team worked so that these do not affect its essence and structure.

However, because Agony is not yet available, the developers revealed that the sponsors will be able to change their version of the console to PC and in the next update of Kickstarter they will inform the process so that this can be done.

Agony is a title of horror in which you will control a tormented soul who appears in hell and who has no memory of his past. The main characteristics of this soul are to control all types of entities that get in their way and even take possession of some demons to fulfill their objectives and get out of there.


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