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Aaryn Flynn: EA brings great creative freedom

The former head of BioWare said that the company does not impose the use of Frostbite

Electronic Arts have been accused of allegedly manipulating the creative process of its developers in favor of certain practices. The truth is that the same creatives have denied this possibility on several occasions.

Aaryn Flynn, former general manager of BioWare, recently spoke on the subject. The developer left his position in the studio in the middle of last year, so he knows firsthand the work environment that exists in relation to Electronic Arts.

During a meeting with Kotaku, via Wccftech, Flynn assured that Electronic Arts has an ambitious business plan, but that there is nothing controversial or turbid in its market objectives.

In this sense, the company does not impose guidelines on the creative process of its developers to achieve their goals. Thus, creatives are free to develop their projects to their liking.

"I think they are a great company to be part of because they care a lot about the creative process, they care about that, that's why they want you to be successful and they will do everything they can to help you have it. Every company has limitations and thinks about what you have to do, but they are excellent for creative freedom, "said Flynn.

The creative also talked about choosing BioWare to use the Frostbite engine. Flynn said that, contrary to what many think, the study voluntarily decided to use this tool on others.

For this reason, Flynn stressed that Electronic Arts never imposed the use of its game engine. BioWare opted for Frostbite because its own engine, Eclipse, had important limitations that would have made it difficult to create open-world and multiplayer titles.

Former BioWare members recently revealed that Electronic Arts saved them from imminent closure. Thanks in part to this, the companies now collaborate in the creation of Anthem. According to the details, the departure of Flynn and other creatives from the study will not affect the development of this new IP.

Anthem will arrive on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The title does not yet have a release date.but everything indicates that it will be ready for next year.


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