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5 video games of which little was expected and surprised

We all like surprises: When someone recommends a game that you did not know anything about, or when everyone likes a title in which you had 0 expectations. In this article, you can find five "sleepers" that surprised. We did not expect much from them and they gave us a joy.

Is there anything better than a pleasant surprise? Video games always have room for the big blockbusters that attract the attention of the general public, those games that you have on the calendar written for months and that you expect by counting the days. But there are also many other titles that come almost as a surprise. Or games that have hardly enjoyed the promotion, or releases of which nobody expected much, but that end up turned into authentic sales phenomena and also criticism and applause from, respectively, professionals and the general public.

What have been the biggest surprise games of recent years? It would be very easy to collect titles of independent or minimalist profile that have turned out to be of spectacular quality by surprise. So not to fill the indies article we are going to ignore this type of productions, and we will bet for somewhat larger budgets for video games that we did not expect much but that ended up becoming formidable. Sometimes causing studies like the Phoenix to be reborn after several failures, and others putting teams in the showcase that, to date, were not too well known.

Next, we selected five great "sleepers" from the last ten years that made history.

Vigil Games (2010 - PC, PS3, XOne)

In the last bars of THQ's life, we could see great works, but one of the most legacy left and most surprising was the fantastic Darksiders of Vigil Games.

Since then we saw the second part as good as the original starring Death, and we are on our way to a third episode with Furia at the helm that seeks to become strong in all elements of action and adventures Metroidvania style that inaugurated the original chapter, the truly extraordinary and starring Guerra. A good story, elements of the most successful Hack and Slash and, above all, a fascinating aesthetic and playable personality were the main keys to his unexpected success.

Sleeping Dogs
United Front Games (2012 - PC, PS3, XOne)

The True Crime saga had earned, with all merit, some disdain on the part of the fans. Two rather discrete episodes that had turned an apparently winning formula into a bore of colossal proportions.

The enthusiasm for the third instalment was rather warm when it was announced, however, the thing was changing ... Activision ended up cancelling its development of True Crime: Hong Kong and Square Enix took control of the rights. Many readers of the 3DJuegos itself distrusted the manoeuvre, remembering that many turbulent developments ended in absolute failure in the past. The result of Sleeping Dogs, however, ended up removing the sceptic's reason and gave us a sandbox that might not be the most revolutionary of the past generation but one of its funniest games.

Arkane Studios (2012 - PC, PS3, XOne)

Who would have imagined that Arkane Studios would be able to reinvent itself in such a way and launch a video game as powerful as the great Dishonored of 2012? The studio came to sign the outstanding Dark Messiah of Might & Magic, however, had a very discreet version for consoles.

Start a new IP? It seemed a risky manoeuvre, but the great Corvo demonstrated with his adventure that the support of Bethesda Softworks was not, far from it, unjustified. A video game of action, adventure and stealth as the glass of a pine, and the beginning of a new and fruitful stage for the French study that ended up leading to the recent and also fantastic Prey of 2017. Maybe say that people expected little of Dishonored is a little risky, in fact in 3DJuegos we made a great coverage of him because we had high hopes put in his formula, but of course few could imagine that it would be such a powerful video game.

Middle Earth: Shades of Mordor
Monolith Productions (2014 - PC, PS3, XOne)

We are going, to be honest. In 2013 Monolith Productions was little less than sentenced. They had signed the brilliant start of the FEAR saga with the first part, and they had also launched the startling horror video game Condemned.

However, a series of bad decisions such as the launch of Gotham City Impostors, Guardians of Middle Earth or the very discreet sequels of the 2005 FEAR that they developed and/or supervised had put them in check. Few people bet to see Middle Earth: Leftovers of Mordor as a possible success, and the choice of the shadowy Mordor as a backdrop raised a lot of doubts among fans. The result was a brilliant game of adventures and an open world that, in addition, involved the implementation of the spectacular Nemesis system that helped to compose a whole new way of writing our own stories in video games. Almost nothing!

Wolfenstein: The New Order
MachineGames (2014 - PC, PS3, XOne)

The Wolfenstein saga was not exactly at its best. The 2009 Wolfenstein signed by Raven Software was an interesting shooter that, however, was very far from what we would have expected from the first-person action franchise par excellence of the nineties.

Recover a series characterized by its simplicity at a time when the FPS genre is moving towards complexity? Do it, also, from the hands of a debutante study. Almost nothing! Few thought it would be a good idea to do it with the Wolfenstein of 2014, but Bethesda showed again that he has a good eye to pamper his intellectual properties. This gave us a restart franchise that left an extraordinary taste in the mouth with the first part, and that became an absolutely essential launch in the second.

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