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3DS handed 24 million units sold in Japan

Nintendo's portable console keeps making history

there is no doubt that the records of Nintendo's portable consoles can be marked by way of success and his latest testimony is with the achievements that maintain to accumulate 3DS because the console has just surpassed the 24 million devices bought inside the Japanese market.

As we informed you some moments in the past , Media Create discovered its income report of the Japanese marketplace and there we learned that the sales of the models of the 3DS family which can be available in that country, New Nintendo 2DS XL, New Nintendo 3DS XL and Nintendo 2DS, recorded 10,209 units sold in overall. despite the fact that this number may additionally seem irrelevant given the years that 3DS has in the market, it isn't so due to the fact thanks to that latest push, the Nintendo handheld has reached 24,004,320 devices sold in Japan.

exactly, the maximum recent models of 3DS had been those that have taken the baton within the total sales and of the more than 24 million consoles which have been sold, only within the Japanese marketplace, New Nintendo 3DS XL registers 4,731,954 units sold, at the same time as that Nintendo 2DS already sold 510,883 and New 2DS XL 662,159.

it's far for this type of performance in the marketplace that Nintendo determined to maintain support for the console, as introduced in February, assuring that they do no longer plan to desert 3DS at this time.


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