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You can add Geralt de Rivia to your Nendoroid collection

Good Smile showed an advance of the figure of the protagonist of The Witcher

If the figure of Geralt de Rivia in the bathtub did not convince you at all and you are looking for something simpler, Good Smile presented an alternative to adding the protagonist of The Witcher to your collection.

The company confirmed today that the powerful White Wolf will reach its line of Nendoroid figures. Through his Twitter account, Good Smile revealed the first image of the article, which shows Geralt de Rivia brandishing his sword on a base with flames.

Geralt de Rivia from The Witcher: Wild Hunt will join the series Nendoroid! Here is the first look at your painted prototype, stay tuned for more information, "the company wrote.
To produce this collectible, Good Smile partnered with CD Projekt RED, so there is a possibility that in the future we will see more figures of the franchise. At the moment, there is no launch date or a confirmed price for the figure of Geralt de Rivia.

Undoubtedly, it is a good time to take out this collectible, as it is a matter of time to see The Witcher series by Netflix. This production already has a script of its pilot chapter, which was written by Lauren Schmidt Hissrich.

On the other hand, we recently learned that Geralt de Rivia will be a guest character on Soulcalibur VI. Yesterday we had a look at the cover of the fighting game, where we see the protagonist of The Witcher.

Do you like how the figure looks? What another character in the series would you like to see in this Good Smile line? Leave us your comment below.


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