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Why does Yoko Taro hide his face? The director of NieR explains it

The Japanese creative recognizes that his self-esteem is low, despite the success of his latest video game.

He has become one of the most successful Japanese creators in recent years thanks to his extraordinary work at NieR: Automata but, despite this, the veteran Yoko Taro recognizes that his self-esteem is low and that is precisely one of the reasons why he always hides his face under his already iconic mask. It's not the only one.

"When you discover that the person who writes pornographic novels is someone of advanced age, perhaps you can lose emotion for their stories," said the creative. "I think the same thing happens when you create video games, because some people may be disappointed and lose the emotion of a game if they discover the person behind them, so I try to avoid that disappointment as much as possible," continues Yoko Taro. .

The creative does not seem to be very happy with his physique and it is something that diminishes his moral. "If he were handsome like Takahisa Taura [designer of Platinum Games] he would go everywhere with his face uncovered and he would come out with many women, as he does," he says. "My self-esteem is low, I usually look like someone old, fat, bald, who drinks a lot and has no partner."

The popularity of NieR: Automata has contributed to improving the vision that he himself has, but it does not seem enough. "Last year my Twitter number exceeded 100,000, and my last work exceeded 2.5 million copies sold, so when I see those numbers I think I can be considered someone who triumphed in life." adds the Japanese creative, "I still see myself as someone who has not achieved success and when I think about it, I consider that I have failed in some way".

This negative view obviously influences his work. "I think that negativity is good for me because I constantly change things when I think they are not good enough," says Yoko Taro. "I think it helps me throughout the process and that this dark power is something necessary and something that other directors do not have," he concludes.
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