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We already know how much it will occupy in our hard drive A Way Out

The video game, in addition, appears with the label of improvements for Xbox One X.

As is usual when a video game is about to go on sale, the latest information about the program starts to rain in terms of its weight in all the versions or its requirements in the specific edition of PC. Now it's the turn of A Way Out, the new from the creator of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

While we do not yet have the requirements for PC editing, something that must be on the way down but that still figures with a " Coming Soon " on the platform of Electronic Arts: Origin. Yes, we already have some data about the space that it will require on our hard drive.

The zone for the video game recently opened in the store of Xbox has allowed us to know that at least the edition of Xbox One, will weigh 17,44GB. In addition, A Way Out is also labeled as an Enhancements creditor for Xbox One X, although it has not yet been specified if they will reference a 4K resolution or HDR support ...

Recall that the new Hazelight, who have already expressed their confidence in their proposal ensuring that it will be better than Brothers, is a release that can only be enjoyed with friends. Although it will have all kinds of facilities for this, since it will offer Friend Pass, that is the possibility of inviting another user to play without paying an extra.

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