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video game release dates March 2018 for PS4, PC, Xbox One, Switch

As you know the most regular, for months we are trying to make this report of "Games of the Month" is something more than a mere list of games, or a review only the most relevant names that everyone knows. We are not satisfied with that. Every month do not dozens, hundreds of games in all formats, turning digital stores like Steam into a labyrinth that is difficult to get something clear unless you visit it every day. A high percentage of titles that come out each month become excessively modest productions to be commercial games that drown independent productions but with more foundation, which often suffer to be heard among so much noise.

This month is a new attempt to offer order in this chaos, looking for a more comfortable navigation, always with the aim of helping navigate the chaotic sea of ​​ads to offer you a list of major, medium and minor titles, as long as we consider them interesting and above a minimum production value. A way to be aware of both the expected titles that come out this month, and to discover a name that can be put on your particular map (all games include a link to go deeper into them). Of course, and as always, any suggestion or correction will be welcome and incorporated into the list, because for many hours that we devote to diving in different stores, there will always be a title that escapes.

Week 1 (1-3)

The first week of March is born game, so there is not much time to unfold the wings. The lovers of the most hardcore strategy have the option of Command: The Silent Service, in which we will control in detail all kinds of historical missions with submarines as protagonists. Meanwhile, Switch continues to receive its ration of ports of indies and retro games with proposals as solid as the A Hole New World platforms (7.5 in Meristation) or the Beat'em Up of Neo Geo Sengoku 2 .

Week 2 (4-10)

The first full week of the month comes with some recognizable names. There is the PC version of Final Fantasy XV for example, a very beautiful game that will surely take advantage of the compatibility possibilities. We also have an unknown proposal, however known name: Fear Effect: Sedna, which takes the dean series of action cel shaded and transforms it into a tactical strategy game.

This week's heavyweight is Vermintide 2 , the second part of the successful Warhammer Fantasy game in which up to four players battle against Skaven hordes, joined by forces of Chaos to make the struggle for survival even harder.

Week 3 (11-17)

The third week of the month shows a great variety of titles in different genres and platforms. There are up to three conversions or updates depending on the case: the Devil May Cry saga for new formats, the readaptation of the Raven adventure and the improved version of the always remembered Burnout Paradise. We must also keep in mind a weight update for the last and recognized Assassin's Creed, where we will face against one of the iconic figures of the Egyptian classical culture.

Other more original proposals go through a new Kirby , which will come to give some zest to the original catalog of the Nintendo console with a proposal loaded with color and a strong cooperative approach. On a completely different plane we find Surviving Mars, in a new construction and management game for those responsible for the last Tropico, where we will be asked to build and maintain space colonies on Mars, taking into account elements of performance and mental health of its inhabitants. .

Week 4 (18-24)

From March 18 to 24 we found a tremendously powerful calendar with some of the most anticipated releases of the year. Ni no Kuni II is a game that many lovers of the first have been waiting for and is one of the great JRPG for this year. Also from Japan arrives the second part of the convincing adaptation of Attack on Titan and the "curved ball" that can be Detective Pikachu (that we already had occasion to play). As a note, we will have to pay attention to the release of Valkyria Chronicles 4 in Japan, on March 21, with the hope that it will recover the lost feelings with Azure Revolution. 

Outside the country of the rising sun, the role goes to Sea of ​​Thieves , the largest (known) Microsoft exclusive this year for its platforms and the game that could mark the return of Rare to a more traditional sector of the game. On the other hand, there is also much desire to see the new of the creators of Brothers, an A Way Out that has garnered a remarkable prominence with its innovative narrative and cooperative proposal. 

Week 5 (25-31)

The last days of the month close in high with Far Cry 5 , a title in which Ubisoft has high hopes that it will surpass in number and quality to past deliveries. The formula of open FPS of the saga we already know that it works very well, and this fifth part seems especially mature and full of possibilities, so it is a pretty safe bet.

Japan also claims its prominence these days, with up to three outstanding games: a JRPG that will close the current arc of the incombustible Atelier , the surprise arrival in the West of a new incarnation of the classic Sega Shining and the continuation of the ARPG of Nippon Ichi, The Witch and the Hundred Knight , to which it is necessary to add a new Super Robot Wars, that although it will not leave Japan we will at least have the option to import it in Chinese English, something that the veterans of the legendary SRPG series are grateful for. 

Other games to follow in March

Apart from what is mentioned in the quartering of each week, we highlight these independent titles that we suggest for this month.

Pit People (PC, Xbox One) - 3

Behemoth already has a name important enough to be a staple of those interested in different games. The originality of his art, together with the fact that he has triumphed in genres as diverse as the Run'n Gun, the Beat'em Up and the platforms, is a symbol that the team knows what is being done. The foray into strategy has already been a long time in Early Access, with a good reception from the community.

Northgard (PC) 

Another strategy title that has been in Early Access for a long time, with a very good reception from the community (some PC specialized media already gave it as one of the best purchases for lovers of RTS last year). His departure this month will mark a turning point for this title set in Norse mythology. 

Chuchel (PC) 

Just to say that it is new to Amanita Design, creators of Machinarium, Botanicula or Samorost, should be enough to pay attention, especially if you are a lover of graphic adventure or of different and fresh aesthetics.

Prismata (PC)

With a development of almost eight years, Prismata is an intimidating competitive game that seeks to merge mechanics of RTS, Card Game and Strategy in general. This month will begin its Early Access phase.

QUBE 2 -13 (PC, Xbox One, PS4)

The first installment was a solid puzzle game with exploration of beautiful environments in the first person combined with dense mental tests to keep moving forward, a good base to present a sequel that goes a little further.

Ghost of a Tale (PC)

This project born on Kickstarter has impressed from the beginning for its beautiful graphics and its original approach, very focused on infiltration with a mouse-like protagonist. It has been a good season polishing in Early Access (with very good reviews).

The Long Reach (PC, Switch, PS4)

There is a remarkable tradition of tremendously effective horror games made with pixels and The Long Reach aims to join the family with a horror story in our time, in a seemingly normal and everyday environment where the unknown and the incomprehensible are around the corner. the corner.

Apex Construct (PC VR)

Appeared already in PS4 VR (with some pretty solid criticism), Apex Construct seems to be the type of game that is demanded more and more in the virtual space, complete experiences with an outstanding aesthetic that takes advantage of the possibilities of the glasses and some well adapted mechanics to the format.

Dream Alone

Platforms and terror go hand in hand in this game of powerful ambience and classic mechanics, which seeks to combine the best of both worlds to create a tense and memorable experience.

Empire Apart (PC)

A reasonably promising RTS in which we can control six different civilizations, each with its own units, abilities and strengths.

Agony - (PC, PS4, Xbox One)

One of the games that will pay more attention this month as possible capped. The organic, solemn and repellent representation that makes this title of hell has impressed from the first moment, and the idea of ​​trying to survive with the ability to possess demons opens many playable possibilities. 

Indefinite March

It usually happens that every month there is a list of indie games that do not have a fixed date beyond the month in which their studies think they will be (but the general rule is that if you do not have a specific day of release, almost always will be delayed). However, it is worth mentioning some names just in case they succeed, since they are interesting titles.

On the one hand we have Melancholy Republic, a modest crowdfunding originally planned for 2016 that seems to have grown more than planned and that promises an attractive story of politics, rebellion and search, with a high soundtrack. 

Then we find Enoch: Underground, which is sold as an "ARPG Hardcore" in which the combat depends completely on the equipment you carry and which proposes a "dynamic and precise system".

Also in this limbo we find Light Fall, an indie game that has made its mark in fairs thanks to a remarkable aesthetic and a careful control, of those that give sense and pleasure to a platform.

Returner 77 On the other hand, it is an adventure in which we must investigate what happened in a ship that contains 8000 people, the last hope of humanity after being swept away by an alien attack. Puzzles, mysteries and some very colorful environments are the letters of presentation of the same.

And, to finish, we do not want to forget about Ash of Gods: Redemption, a game heavily inspired by Banner Saga, imitating its hand-made illustrations and its turn-based combat system, although we trust that beyond the apparent it will offer something unique and different.  

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