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US College organizes campaign against violent games

Students destroyed their copies and signed an agreement with the community

The environment that surrounds video games currently in the United States is not very positive since after Donald Trump and some politicians pointed out the violence present in some titles as the cause of the recent violent events in the country, some groups have expressed their agreement with that idea and they have expressed it publicly. Recently, a school in South Florida presented a campaign against violent games that involved its students.

The authorities and parents of The Cushman School , a school located in South Florida, presented the campaign "Violent Video Game Toss", which seeks to point out violence in video games and shares the idea that they are the cause of violent acts, like the one happened a few weeks ago in that same state.The campaign required that the students, mostly of secondary level, take to the school copies of games considered as violent, among which were deliveries of Call of Duty, Titanfall, Grand Theft Auto and WWE 2K, and will deliver them to be destroyed in front of the school community; some students preferred to destroy their games before handing them over. At the same time, the young people who participated in the act signed an agreement in which they promised not to play a title considered violent again.

Arvi Balseiro, the school's highest authority, declared: "We believe that every student, including those who do not belong to this school, is our responsibility." These students will become the leaders of tomorrow and it is our responsibility to develop a healthy mentality that can contribute positively. to the community".

Some students stated that they share the idea that violent games are the cause of violent acts and considered them as a distraction that prevented them from doing their homework and distanced them from their school goals regarding the middle and upper levels.

Undoubtedly the issue of video games and violence in the US, whose relationship has not been proven, continues to give something to talk about and next Thursday will not be the exception as the much-talked-about meeting between Donald Trump and the representatives of the Entertainment Software Association (ESA).

What do you think about the positions that consider violent games as causes of violent events?

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