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Ubisoft seeks to get rid of bugs with artificial intelligence technology

Commit Assistant will detect errors in the development phase

For years, some titles of Ubisoft have been marked by the annoying presence of bugs and in particular cases such as Assassin's Creed Unity errors were the subject of criticism and ridicule. Last year, the French company announced the Ubisoft La Forge division, located in Montreal, whose job is to improve development technologies in conjunction with academic sectors and its first result was presented a few days ago.

Ubisoft presented the results of the first months of work of Ubisoft La Forge, the Commit Assistant software, designed to support the development process and notify creatives about the presence of bugs. According to the project, the elimination of bugs in AAA titles can reach 70% of the development costs and thanks to the implementation of the software it will be possible to reduce the impact of this type of situation. Commit Assistant is an artificial intelligence in whose memory there is a registry of bugs and data that indicate errors present in the development of a game; Based on that information, the software will issue an alarm in case of a bug.

According to Ubisoft, the implementation of Commit Assistant in the development of their games will not only significantly reduce the presence of bugs in the final versions, it will also improve the time dedicated by the creatives since they will have 20% more time than they will be able to use in others. aspects of the title and not to correct errors.


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