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Ubisoft reveals how long the Far Cry 5 campaign lasts

In the gala company, they have an estimated duration for the story mode, but they assure that it will be easy to invest much more time.

In Ubisoft, they are now ready to release his powerful and promising Far Cry 5, one of the games of action expected this year which goes on sale on March 20 after announcing at the time a delay with The Crew 2. Today, the title of action set in deep America is once again news, as its leaders have revealed when the campaign will last.

"I would say that a good player can finish it in about 25 hours, " he told the American Gamespot portal Dan Hay, executive producer of the program in an interview in which he acknowledges, however, that there are space and activities to invest much more time.

How? They explain that in the testing phases they have verified that the amateurs invest a lot of time in distractions of all kinds. "We have seen people dig deep into the world and spend four or five hours fishing or hunting or, simply, doing other things that we did not have planned," the producer acknowledges. "So the duration will depend on each user."

Recently we told you that the Far Cry 5 campaign can be played offline and that it comes with Far Cry Arcade, of which we have told you its main features.

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