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Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes will have 7 types of game

Nintendo revealed new details about the Grasshoper title

Fans of Suda51's work, who also own a Switch, await the arrival of Travis Touchdown's new Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, which is scheduled to arrive this year to the hybrid console. Today, during the transmission of Nintendo Direct new details about the title were presented.

One of the surprises of today's Nintendo Direct came hand in hand with Grasshoper Manufacture, studio of Goichi Suda, thanks to the revelation of new details about Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes. According to the information, the game is planned with a structure that allows enjoying 7 types of game in a single experience; This means that each mission will be carried out in scenarios with different designs and we will have to deal with genres such as action, races, and puzzles. At the end of each mission, a powerful boss will wait to try to eliminate Travis. In that sense, the design of the bosses was revealed for the first time.

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