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Toukiden 3, between the future plans of Omega Force

The team is currently working on a surprise project that does not offer details.

After the good feelings that came with the remarkable Toukiden 2, the Omega Force team in charge of this series has shown interest in working on a new chapter of the franchise, although they have recalled that at the moment they are developing a project that will be surprising, without offering more details.

"The team after Toukiden has not announced anything since the launch of Toukiden 2, but we are currently working on another Omega Force project, and once we complete it properly, we would like to work on a new Toukiden, so please, have A little more patience, " said the producer of the franchise, Kenichi Ogasawara, as part of the commemorative events for the 20th anniversary of the studio responsible for the Dynasty Warriors saga 

The Japanese have not delved into that "surprise title" in which they are working, so it remains to wait to hear the news, but in the past and made it clear that this new video game would be surprising. Today Koei Tecmo and Omega Force have announced Orochi Warriors 4, an action title that represents the return of this veteran franchise after more than five years of absence.

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