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Today you can change the look of your hunter in Monster Hunter World

The first modifications will be free, but afterward, they will have a cost

As promised, Capcom will allow the community of Monster Hunter World to change the appearance of its hunter at no cost. This thanks to a free coupon that will be released gradually as of today. Take into account that this ticket will be for single use, so we recommend you to plan well the modifications you want to make.

The coupon will be available throughout the day as a free download on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. With it you can change the gender of your character, as well as its appearance in general. Despite this, you will not be able to change your name. Nor will it be possible to modify the appearance or the name of the Palico. Capcom will later sell more coupons if you are not satisfied with the results.

Starting today you will also find new missions for high ranking hunters, where you will have to finish with the powerful Nergigante. In addition, you can face a couple of Uragaan and Xeno'jiiva to get some special rewards. Next, I leave you the new mission calendar:

Capcom confirmed that the new coupons to modify the appearance of the hunters will be released in the spring. However, these tickets will have a cost in real money that was not disclosed by the company.

The company also announced the Spring Blossom Fest of Monster Hunter World. This event will be held from April 5 to 18 and will have some special missions. Thanks to some of them you can get the Wyvern Ignition Great Sword and the Mega Man set for your Palico.

Monster Hunter World is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The title will receive its first free additional creature on March 22. In addition, Capcom prepares a collaboration between the game of hunting and Devil May Cry. 


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