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This is how to fight and beat the Kraken in Sea of ​​Thieves

The fans that sail the seas of the Rare game have already had the opportunity to measure themselves against the fearsome sea beast.

One of the moments that fans who want to enjoy Sea of Thieves most expect is to measure up to the fascinating Kraken, a mythical creature of pirate imagery that counts among the biggest challenges we will face along with our crew in the video game.

As the video game has been on sale for a few hours, almost a whole day in certain regions, players have already been able to enjoy encounters with the dangerous giant gigantic squid of Scandinavian mythology. Accompanying the news you can see an encounter that ends in victory.

As it is logical, and in fact, it would not be necessary to qualify, the video that accompanies the news can suppose a spoiler for who wants to preserve the surprise factor of running into the Kraken. However, what is seen in the video is so similar to the sight of the presence of the monster in the trailers, that almost should not be considered in this way.

Remember that this afternoon at 17:00 Spanish time (check your own schedule for your place of residence from here) you can take a look at the open multiplayer world of Rare in our live show of Sea of Thieves.

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