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This is how GTA 5 looks on a $ 10,000 PC

A video shows the Rockstar title with the latest updates of the most realistic mods and compares it to the original version of Xbox 360.

The YouTube channel of DubStepZz has shared an interesting video in which we can see the performance of Grand Theft Auto V running on an Xbox 360 and a PC valued at $ 10,000 with the latest versions of the most realistic mods.

The change is so spectacular that it seems another game. They not only improve the quality of the textures or the definition of the polygons. The lighting effects, the quality of the materials applied to the objects and the number of these shown on the screen, the drawing distance, or the vegetation improvements make the game practically unrecognizable. In this other video, you can enjoy the footage of the PC version at 4K and 60 fps. If you want to achieve a similar graphic aspect for your game, do not miss these recommendations of spectacular mods for GTA V that you can not miss.

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