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This group of villains awaits you in Far Cry 5

Ubisoft shared several new breakthroughs of its action title

Far Cry 5 will debut at the end of the month, so Ubisoft prepares the final details for the arrival of this delivery. The company shared a new series of videos of the game today, in which it introduces us to the main antagonists and gives us a closer look at the world of the game.

The first video is about a gameplay by Whitetail Mountains, one of the regions of Hope County. This region will offer us great moments of tension, this while we face the members of Eden's Gate.

We will have to take advantage of the forests and mountainous regions of the place to hide, as well as to perpetrate surprise attacks on our enemies. In the video we see several of our allies, including a bear called Cheeseburger.

The rest of the advances are focused on some of the Far Cry 5 villains . As expected, we see Joseph Seed, head of the group of religious fanatics. Also, we know how difficult it will be to face John, Jacob and Faith Seed. Without more, I leave the videos:

To change all these villains we will have the help of Guns for Hire and Fang for Hire, resistance groups that shine in these trailers . If you are intrigued by the origin of Joseph Seed, we recommend that you see this live action preview .

This installment will have a Season Pass that will give you access to 3 new and strange adventures. Also, the pass will allow you to play Far Cry 3 Classic Edition , a port for current consoles.

Far Cry 5  will debut on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on March 27.


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