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Thimbleweed Park will have a physical version on Switch and PS4

Ron Gilbert's game will arrive in 2 editions via Limited Run Games

After debuting on consoles, PCs and mobile devices, Ron Gilbert's latest game, ThimbleweedPark, is coming to Switch and PS4 in a physical edition that will be sold and distributed by the specialized company Limited Run Games.

Today Ron Gilbert announced that fans of Thimbleweed Park on Switch and PS4 will be able to acquire the new physical editions that Limited Run Games will launch in a presale on March 30. The physical version of Thimbleweed Park for the consoles of Sony and Nintendo will come in 2 versions: basic and Big Box Edition. As you can imagine, the basic edition only includes the cartridge or the disk as the case may be. However, the interesting thing will come with the Big Box Edition which, in addition to including the respective box with the game, will have a color manual, back cover with a color design, a newspaper, a poster, a Post-it game, stickers exclusive for each console, an agenda for the version of Switch, a cassette for the PS4 version and all this will be inside a big box that will fill with nostalgia the fans of the style of the physical editions of LucasArts.

The basic edition of Thimbleweed Park for PS4 and Switch will be priced at $ 34.99 USD, while the Big Box Edition will cost $ 64.99 USD. The collector's edition for PS4 will be limited to 2500 copies while the Switch edition will be limited to 3000.

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