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There will be no microtransactions in State of Decay 2

Undead Labs is open to deliver post-release content

In recent days we have known new details about State of Decay 2, zombie title for Xbox One and Windows 10. Among them is the fact that it will not have microtransactions.

In a recent live broadcast, the Undead Labs team answered several questions from the community. As you can imagine, one of them was about whether State of Decay 2 will have microtransactions, to which he replied that, for now, he has no plans to add this type of monetization system. That yes, the team leaves open the door to the possibility of launching expansions of payment similar to those of the first State of Decay.

Later, Undead Labs confirmed that the loot you find in the containers of State of Decay 2 will be connected to the place where you find it. That is, if you enter an ambulance, it is likely that within it you will find medical supplies. In addition, some containers will be made specifically for some players so you can not open all you find.

And you, what do you think of this? Are you happy that the developers of State of Decay 2 moved away from microtransactions? Tell us in the comments.

In other news, Undead Lab confirmed that State of Decay 2 will have 3 maps at its launch and it is expected that each of them will be similar in size to the area of the first State of Decay. In addition, we believe that you will be glad to know that you will have the level of violence to which we were accustomed your first delivery.

We remind you that this week it was revealed that State of Decay 2 will arrive on May 22 to Xbox One and PC and its standard version will be sold in exchange for $ 29.99 USD. Keep in mind that, like other Microsoft first-party, will be part of Xbox Play Anywhere and will be available on Xbox Game Pass since its launch.


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