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There will be new Splinter Cell Game in 2018 according to Amazon

Ubisoft has not announced its development officially.

Months ago Ubisoft assured that he does not forget the Splinter Cell series but, to date, the gala company has not announced the development of a new episode of the franchise. This could change soon if it turns out to be true the information appeared on Amazon, which points to the release of a new Splinter Cell this year.

Without more data than the name, Splinter Cell 2018, and obviously without an official announcement by Ubisoft, Amazon Canada opens the veto to rumors that point to the announcement of the video game during E3 2018. Nor are mentioned the platforms on which this new adventure of action and stealth would be launched. This new home with the interest of Ubisoft in launching two triple-a before the end of the next fiscal year, one of them being already confirmed The Division 2.

The last episode of the Splinter Cell saga goes back to 2013 when the remarkable Splinter Cell: Blacklist was released in stores. Since then it has become, along with the Prince of Persia saga, one of the biggest series claimed back in the gala company by fans.

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