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The teams of four were the ideal number for Sea of ​​Thieves

Rare defends that "larger groups could cause chaos."

The launch of the highly anticipated Sea of ​​Thieves is just around the corner , a title that has become Microsoft's great hope for the first quarter of exclusives on Xbox One and Windows 10. Now Rare has spoken in a series of statements collected by the WccTech portal about the characteristics of the title in terms of groups and personalization of the video game .

"We are studying the possibility of allowing people to play publicly or privately with your ship and crew after launching, and giving support to four people on the smallest ship is also something we are considering," said video game design director Mike Chapman. .

"The choice of four players was taken because we thought that groups of older people could end up causing chaos," Chapman admitted. "Even in real life, four people seem like a good number to share group conversations without the crew fragmenting into smaller groups."

"We also have among our plans to allow you to select a shack, but also to get more shacks in the world, it's on the post- launch roadmap , but there still needs to be a series of priorities on all the things we want to achieve. question of when what else, "he said in an interview in which you can also take a look at the team's opinion about tattoos, anchors and many other things.

Sea of ​​Thieves is put on sale on March 20 and, recently, we have been able to see precisely its launch trailer . Remember, also, that we also recently debated whether or not it is the most important Xbox One game to date.

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