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The power of Xbox One X will not raise the requirements of games on PC

The creators of Conan Exiles do not think that elements such as memory are going to be triggered on a computer.

In Funcom, they are preparing something big with Conan Exiles, and in the last hours, the GamingBolt portal has published an interview with Tor Egil Andersen, communications manager of the studio. It has addressed a very interesting topic, the concern of some fans if the power of Xbox One X may end up producing an impact on the requirements of video games for PC.

"XOne X memory is shared between CPU and GPU, not like PC. 8GB of shared memory is no more than any high-end computer designed to play, ie 4GB of video memory with 8GB or more. system memory ... Something quite common today, "explained Andersen.

"No, I do not think that the use of memory will change significantly in PC with the launch of Xbox One X", wanted to add Andersen, one of the people in charge of the team that is not only developing the aforementioned Conan Exiles that is about to be released May 8 , they have also recently introduced Mutant Year Zero, a tactical action game for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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