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Studio of The Order: 1886 works on a new action game for consoles

Vacancies of Ready at Dawn give clues about the plans of the Studio

Ready at Dawn, Studio best known for his work on The Order: 1886 and Deformers are already working on a new project. That was to imagine, however, the interesting thing is that it is a game of action in the third person.

What we are referring to is that, in a recent job offer, Ready at Dawn mentioned that it is working on 3 projects that are in different stages of development. One of them is an "AAA third-person action game that is based on a new original IP". As you see, the Studio clarifies that it is a completely new project, so it is not a sequel to The Order: 1886 or a new installment of some established franchise.

On its site, Ready at Dawn also mentioned that it will continue to work with Oculus in the development and expansion of the Echo universe. In case you do not know, the studio has an agreement with the creators of Oculus Rift to develop games for this virtual reality device. The first product of this alliance was Lone Echo, the title of adventure, exploration, and puzzles that has a multiplayer component that bets on esports.

To conclude, the Studio revealed that it is still working on Deformers and that it is preparing everything to launch it in China. We remind you that this is a multiplayer title for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, which stands out for being played by strange creatures.

And you, what kind of game do you think Ready at Dawn is working on? In what genre do you think the Californian Studio stands out? Tell us in the comments.


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