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The new system update for Switch is now available

Version 5.0.0 arrives with new ARMS and Kirby icons

After some leaks that indicated the arrival of a new system update for Switch, Nintendo started the week making the news official and today Switch users can already count on the latest firmware version.

Through a statement on the official site of Nintendo of America and a notice on its official Twitter account, the Japanese company reported today launched the new system update for Switch, which converts the console system in version 5.0 .0. Within the content included with the new version of the firmware, there are new icons, implementations for social networks and improvements in the parental control system. Here is the list of improvements for version 5.0.0:

  • Friends of Twitter and Facebook who have Switch can be added to the suggestions section
  • Restricted games can be modified by the parental control system from the Switch App
  • The videos captured in the Album can be restricted according to the options selected in the parental control system
  • Access to the parental control system will require Joy-Con stick and button combinations
  • 24 icons arrived inspired by ARMS and Kirby
  • Digital purchases made through PC or mobile devices will start downloading in Switch faster, even when the console is in sleep mode
  • Notifications will be received when the game purchased in presale is available to play
  • Filters for news will show, first of all, the unread or specific news
  • The grip color of the Pro Controller will appear in the controls menu

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