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The new Killing Floor 2 DLC is now available

Infinite Onslaught arrives with a new game mode

If you are a fan of finishing countless hordes of zombies to have a nice time and relax a bit, we have excellent news for you as the new Killing Floor 2 DLC is available.

Today Tripwire Interactive released the new downloadable content for its Killing Floor 2 shooter that will integrate a new game mode, new weapons, and some skins. Infinite Onslaught came to the versions of PS4, Xbox One and PC with a new game mode, Endless Mode, which will subject you to endless hordes of zombies and creatures in which you will have to do everything to survive. Also, the new DLC includes 3 new weapons: the MAC-10 submachine gun, the Husk Cannon, and the AF2011-A1 pistol.

Infinite Onslaught also offers new skins for the characters and weapons and players will be happy to know that 2 new maps have been added since today, Powercore and DieSector, the first was designed in its entirety by a member of the Killing Floor 2 community.

Killing Floor 2 is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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