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The first prototype of Monster Hunter World did not have combat

Capcom focused on "creating a living ecosystem" from the beginning.

Capcom has taken the lectern of the Game Developers Conference (GDC 2018) to discuss the development of its successful Monster Hunter: World. Among other things, the director Yuya Tokuda revealed that internally they had focused on "creating a living ecosystem" that would fit into consoles of the current generation, leaving behind the combat system itself in its first playable prototype.

According to Tokuda, the importance of the interconnected and natural world of Monster Hunter: World not only gained prominence in the form of more detailed graphics and environments but in the development team challenges were posed such as preventing monsters from being trapped between trees -something that it happened in previous deliveries, forcing to simplify the game areas- or to facilitate the task of looking for the player if he was hiding.

During the test was included the Lagiacrus, a third generation monster that does not appear in Monster Hunter: World and that served to explore the mechanics of territorial fights between monsters. Could we see it later as a free DLC?

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