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The Darkness 2 for free PC for a limited time at the Humble Store

Its usual price for this action adventure in the store is 29.99 euros.

Another video game to add to your collection without paying a single cent! If you are passionate about the insurance action you will be happy to know that the remarkable The Darkness II can be downloaded for free at the Humble Store, though only for a limited time.

During the next 48 hours, you can download this adventure action, based on the comics of Top Cow, which will be registered in your collection of games on this digital distribution platform permanently. Starring Jackie Estacado, in the analysis of The Darkness II we praise the frenzy of their combats and their fast-paced action.

"The game of Digital Extremes renounces the freedom and importance of the script of its predecessor, but maintains the essence of its bloody and wild combat", we comment in the pages of 3DJuegos when The Darkness 2 was put on sale in 2012.

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