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The creators of Just Cause look for faces for their new game

Avalanche is looking for people between 18 and 25 years old for their next open world of action.

We have not known anything about Avalanche Studios for a long time, a team that has been more news lately for projects that could develop in the past but did not go ahead, like the Battlefront 3 of LucasArts, that for more tangible things. That, however, could change in the short term and is that they are recruiting staff for something of the most atypical.

A job search and has been detected on the official website of the creators of the Just Cause series, one that does not search for video game specialists, programmers or artists, as is usually the case in these cases, but one that looks for faces for their next one work.

It is an action game and open-world adventures, something that we had already anticipated in 2015 when they announced they had two action sandboxes in development, for which they need "12 adults who lend their appearance to become different characters of the title ".

It is requested that the people who present themselves be between 18 and 25 years old, without having any obstacle for ethnicity. The only thing that is requested is that there are no piercings or facial hair to facilitate the work of scanning their faces to transfer them to the video game.

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