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The creators of Arma 3 donate $ 176,000 to the Red Cross

It's the money that Bohemia Interactive has raised with the Laws of War DLC.

The team responsible for ArmA 3 has allocated $ 176,000 to the International Committee of the Red Cross, which is the money raised by the Laws of War DLC, which aims precisely to raise awareness among players about human rights, the Geneva Convention, and other treaties. international against war crimes.

"We knew that the theme of this DLC could be somewhat unusual," said the head of Bohemia Interactive, authors of the successful DayZ, "but we also feel that he has his rightful place in a game like Arma 3". Laws of War presents a new faction, a non-governmental organization dedicated to the deactivation of antipersonnel mines in war zones; that is why, he adds, the team is so surprised by the warm welcome of this package of additional content.

"Usually our community expects more traditional contents for a war game, like new weapons, tanks, and helicopters." That has made even more surprising the huge level of support from fans with Laws of War, which really shows again how they have matured the video games and their audience, "adds Marek Spanel.

Taking into account that the army uses Arma 3 as a war simulator, Bohemia Interactive has also highlighted the educational role of this new DLC. "If we consider that some of our players are in the military or they might intend to enlist in the future, then we will be happy if this DLC has been able to raise awareness of this important issue."

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