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The classic Ikaruga could be launched on PS4

The Treasure video game has been mentioned by the German age rating system.

If you are passionate about the classic shoot'em up of sure you know Ikaruga, one of the best exponents of the genre, which was premiered in the Japanese arcades in the distant year 2001. Why now talk about this Treasure classic? The video game could adapt to PS4 if we look at the information that appeared in the German age rating system, the USK, without knowing its publication date.

This mythical matamarcianos has had versions on multiple platforms. From the legendary Dreamcast to GameCube, through Xbox 360 or Steam, just a few years ago. There is no more information about this supposed version of PlayStation 4, so it only remains to wait for an official announcement by the Japanese studio in charge of Ikaruga.

The original video game surprised at the time for its challenging level of difficulty and fast-paced action, with endless memorable battles that lifted Ikaruga to the top of the genre.

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