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The classic The Curse of Monkey Island premieres in GOG and Steam

Also, the original version of Maniac Mansion can be purchased on both platforms.

Good news for the nostalgic. The classic The Curse of Monkey Island, the third episode of this beloved series of graphic adventures, has premiered in GOG and Steam for 6.99 euros/dollars. To celebrate, the digital distribution store run by the authors of The Witcher saga also offers significant discounts on the purchase of The Secret of Monkey Island: SE and Monkey Island 2: SE, the improved versions of these Lucas Arts classics, They are offered with a 65% discount.

In Steam, there is also a special promotion that allows you to get all three games for just over 10 euros/dollars. On the other hand, GOG has also added to its collection of classic games the legendary Maniac Mansion, which until now was not available in its library of digital video games. It is worth remembering that this work, created by Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick, recently had a remastering that in addition to including the improved version, also gave the option to enjoy the classic.

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