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The Beast Inside Game successfully passes its campaign on Kickstarter

This adventure of terror still has three weeks ahead to reach its additional goals.

The promising horror adventure The Beast Inside has successfully overcome its campaign on Kickstarter, when it still has 19 days ahead to continue raising money from fans and, therefore, achieve their additional goals thus improving the gaming experience.

"Betting on Kickstarter was a decision we made to realize our vision of a photo-realistic, intense and high-quality horror video game," said Aleksy Uchański, the head of Movie Games. "We have an ambitious approach to this project and from the beginning, we have believed that fans of the genre will find our idea very attractive, so", he concludes, "the level of support and the fact that we have reached our goal weeks before the deadline makes it clear that The Beast Inside has a lot of potentials. "

The Movie Games team has several weeks ahead to increase the final amount of their campaign on Kickstarter, thus being able to offer new game mechanics, a better job of capturing movement and dubbing actors, new locations or a greater variety of enemies.

Recently our colleague Álvaro Castellano had access to the demo version that is offered to all those who participate in the crowdfunding campaign, and he offered us his first impressions with the video game in a commented gameplay of The Beast Inside.

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