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The adrenaline of MotoGP 18 is on the way to consoles and PC

The motorcycling franchise will debut at Nintendo Switch

The world of racing is not limited to motor racing and also accounts for the achievements made in professional motorcycling competitions. For all the fans of the sports motorcycles and the MotoGP world championship, there is excellent news since the 2018 delivery was announced, which is considered as a reboot for the franchise.

The Milestone studio announced the upcoming arrival of MotoGP 18 to consoles and PC, which also includes Nintendo Switch, which will see the debut of the hardware franchise of the Japanese company. MotoGP 18 is considered by the development team as a reboot that will take the best elements of previous deliveries and implement all possible improvements. In graphic terms, the game is developed for the first time in Unreal Engine and the objective is to give the fans an experience close to the reality of the world championship; This includes special attention to all kinds of details and a new development of physics that represents the behavior and response of a real motorcycle.

MotoGP 18 is scheduled to debut on June 7 on PS4, Xbox One and PC, the Switch version will come later. Here we leave you with the presentation trailer.


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