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Technology - YouTube: now with interactive wallpapers

This new tool uses artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The new Youtube functionality is available in beta.

YouTube Stories has integrated a few months ago to the YouTube application, which little by little has been improving thanks to Google's research. Now, it has a new tool for creators that allows you to make stories with personalized backgrounds without the need for editing.

It is a segmentation of mobile video in real time, which has an operation similar to that performed by the chroma, a green screen that allows changing the background, a technique widely used in films, as reported by Engadget. 

"We want this tool to stand out from other applications," said Google. To carry out this objective, the company created a platform with images of thousands of faces in different poses and, through artificial intelligence, the program detects which part of the image belongs to the face and which to the background.

An example of the interactive funds that will be implemented on YouTube.

As one of the purposes was to apply funds in movement, we worked with videos in which there were obstacles moving behind like cars or other people. In addition, a face smoothing function was added so that the movement changes of the person who uses it does not look abrupt. 

This technology has been possible thanks to the neural network system that manages the company, although for now it can only be used by content creators. 

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