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Technology - With Google Lens take a picture of an object and get information

The tool, which incorporates artificial intelligence, will be available on Android phones.

Artificial intelligence in the cameras is one of the main bets of phone manufacturers for this 2018. This was evidenced in the latest edition of the mobile telephony fair Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona (Spain).

Now, Google has just announced that its Google Lens tool, which incorporates artificial intelligence and allows to identify any object through a photo, will be available on all Android devices. So far it was only included in the company's Pixel cell phones. 

Through a trill in his official Twitter account, the company reported that the technology will be enabled through its Google Photos app. 

In this way, users can perform different actions: take a picture of a business card so that the phone number or address of a person is automatically saved in their contact list, access reviews and details of a book; Focus a building or monument to find more information or know details about a painting in a museum. 

You can also point to a plant or animal to get information about it and add an event to the calendar that is on a flyer or billboard. 

Google clarified that it is necessary to have the latest version of Google Photos and noted that it can only be used if the language in which your device is configured in English. 

To enjoy this new technology you must select a photo in Google Photos and then press the Google Lens option. 

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