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Technology - Smart glasses, China tests new security technologies

The police use artificial intelligence to identify faces or plates in a list of suspects

Images of a promotional video showing LLVision's smart glasses facial.

Local police in Beijing, in China, are testing a new security tool this week at a motorway checkpoint on the outskirts of the city: smart glasses that can detect facial parameters and license plates and compare them in Real-time with a database of suspects.

The glasses, manufactured by LLVision, use artificial intelligence to scan the faces of the occupants of a vehicle and record the plates. In case of any coincidence with a centralized 'blacklist', the device sends a warning signal and emits a red frame on the face. 

The test, which coincides with the annual meeting of the Chinese parliament in downtown Beijing, underscores a strong push by China's leaders to take advantage of technology for security in the country. 

However, that momentum has raised growing concerns that China is developing a state of sophisticated surveillance that intensifies the crackdown on dissent.

Last year, the Chinese government was described as "the worst abuser of Internet freedom in the world," according to a report from the Freedom House Internet Freedom State in the US  

"The leadership of China (once ) felt some concern about the advancement of internet and communication technologies, "said David Bandurski, co-director of the China Media Project, a research project of media studies at the University of Hong Kong." Now he sees them as absolutely indispensable tools of social and political control. " 

Wu Fei, executive director of LLVision, said that people should not worry about privacy because Chinese authorities were using the equipment for" noble causes ", catching suspects and fugitives from the law. Likewise, Fei told Reuters: "We trust the government." 

China, under the presidency of Xi Jinping, who may now have an indefinite power, is increasing the use of artificial intelligence, facial recognition, and big data analysis to track and control behavior who go against the interests of the Party Communist online and in the rest of the world. 

This weekend, the president was favored by a reform to eliminate the limits of the mandates. What will allow you to remain in your position indefinitely? 

During the annual meeting of the Chinese parliament, delegates and visitors must go through facial scans to enter the Great Hall of the People, a seat of the parliament or National People's Congress. 

As reported by the state newspaper Science and Technology Daily, this year, "security in both sessions has some 'black technology' freshly prepared," using a comic term in China to describe futuristic surveillance devices. 

The newspaper said the cameras at the event had been updated to capture, analyze and compare suspicious faces in about two seconds, with a system called "Skynet", which has a national database of people included in the blacklist.

"The plot of the science fiction film 'Minority Report' is now becoming part of everyday life," the newspaper added, referring to Tom Cruise's film set in a futuristic society where crimes are resolved and punished even before that happen. 

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