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Technology - Samsung launches its new bet on televisions

The South Korean brand is still betting on QLED technology and curved designs.
Samsung announced that the QF6 will arrive in the country this month.

During the 'The First Look' event, which took place this Wednesday in New York, Samsung launched its new line of QLED televisions (QF9, QF8, QF7, and QF6) and 4K UHD.

As expected, the news and surprises were not many with respect to what had already been seen at CES, last January in Las Vegas. 

The South Korean brand is still betting on QLED technology and curved designs. Among the most noteworthy novelties are the Direct Full Array (DFA), the One Invisible Cable and the Ambient Mode. 

The DFA is only available in QF9N, and stands out for achieving images with a much more homogeneous black and better control light losses, thanks to controlled backlight areas that are located on the entire surface of the panel and not only on the sides.

Meanwhile, the 'One Invisible Cable' will allow people to have more ease with the connection of the TV, since it is a cable of maximum 15 meters that combines energy, and audio and video data. That is, there will only be one cable to connect everything necessary to reproduce the image on the screen.

Samsung televisions presented at the 'The First Look' event.

Finally, the 'Ambient Mode' was the novelty that most attracted attention among the attendees of the event, because, with this new function, the user can camouflage your TV with the decoration of your home, you  only need to take with your cell phone a Photo of the wall or of anything the person wants, and the bottom of the TV turned off will be said image and not the typical black background. Additionally, information such as traffic, time or the main news of a newspaper can be displayed on the screen.

In addition, the Asian brand highlighted the great progress of Bixby (the voice assistant with which he hopes to make a difference in the market), which together with the new app 'SmartThings', will seek that TV is the central axis of the internet of things of the company, and by means of which all the devices are connected and controlled. 

For the moment, Samsung announced that QF6 will arrive in the country this month, while QF7 and QF8 will be in the Colombian market at the end of May. However, prices have not yet been made public. 

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