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Technology - Five things you can do in Waze and maybe you do not know

From listening to your music on Spotify to using your own voice as a guide. 
The browser for cars was created by the Israeli engineer Uri Levine and then sold to the giant Google for about 1,000 million euros.

Waze is one of the most popular applications to guide car trips, avoid trams or find the shortest route to reach a place. The driving navigator arrived in Colombia in 2010 and since then it has remained in force, including new features, increasing the variety of avatars and contributions of drivers to report anomalies on national roads. 

The following are some things you can do in the application that you may not have known:

1. Schedule a trip:

For many the application works only when getting on the wheel, however, there is a function for "planned trips", which allows you to see what is the most recommended time to start from the place where the user is. 

To schedule a trip you must search for the destination (with address or coordinates) and click on "after". You will arrive at a trip planning panel with heat charts (the more red and larger there will be more congestion depending on the system). 

The graphs indicate which are the most and the least heavy hours. When you select the schedule, you can save and set a reminder to notify you when you need to leave your destination. You can also set how long in advance the reminder should be sent.

2. Stipulate a speed limit:

Although the application is ideal to find a solution to traffic can also serve to reduce speed and avoid fines. It can detect variations in vehicle speed and acceleration and display a notification on the app's speedometer

When the user reduces the speed, the speedometer stabilizes. To use the functionality, you must allow displaying the speedometer. You can also adjust to "when to show alert" and define in what speed range the alert should give.

3. Personalize your guide voice:

Although there are several voices and languages in the Waze driving instructions, if the user wants, he can record his own voice commands. The application will warn you that you must speak clearly and give the instructions correctly for your own safety. 

With this option you can record yourself, your partner or your close relatives to give instructions as if you must turn to the right or to the left for example. To do so, you must go to settings, sound, and voice, voice instructions and record new voice by clicking on the red plus sign button.

4. Schedule reminders:

Hardly one would imagine that someone is going to forget a baby in the car. Although the name of this functionality indicates otherwise, through the option 'Child Reminder' you can configure personalized alerts that can range from buying milk to not leaving the bag inside the car

At the end of your trip or when you are arriving at your destination, a notification will appear on the screen. To set up a personalized message you must go to General, child reminder and create a custom message.

5. You can drive and manage your music on Spotify:

To avoid manipulating the cell phone and changing from Waze to Spotify and vice versa, Waze recently launched an integration that works for iOS and Android devices. Through the application, the user can change the songs or select artists and albums without leaving the indicated route to reach their destination. If you do not have Spotify or do not want it to appear on your screen, you can go to Settings, Spotify and deactivate it.

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