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Technology - The 'app' that will help improve the health

This is Biva, a platform that tracks medical treatments and therapies.
Biva can be downloaded for free on Android and iOS devices. 

A group of Colombian entrepreneurs, a native of Medellín, seek to improve the health of Colombians using technology. To do this, they created a mobile application called Biva, which focuses on taking control of therapies and medications of patients

Jaime Correa, one of the project leaders, spoke with EL TIEMPO and explained the functions of the platform and the reasons for its creation. 

"There are two reasons that explain the creation of the application: the idea arose, mainly, because of the life history of one of our partners, because he is a chronic patient and that motivated us to look for solutions through technology. On the other hand, we show that people do not follow the medical controls to the letter because according to the WHO (World Health Organization), only 50 percent of the world population takes the drugs correctly, "explained Correa. 

Biva, available for Android and iOS devices, registers more than 12,000 downloads and around 8,000 users have registered their treatments on the platform.

Precisely, the application allows registering all medical treatments that the user must perform and helps to keep track of them. In addition, the platform will remember when the patient must take their medication or perform a specific activity. 

"Understanding the illness of the user, the tool performs accompaniments, for example, if a patient is diabetic, Biva will consult if he has recently had tides or pains, and with that information can generate early care alerts," explained the entrepreneur. 

This Colombian venture was the winner of the innovation call of GSK and Telefónica Open Future, focused on solving two of the great challenges facing the health system in Colombia: effective access to quality services and the improvement of the medical results of the population with chronic diseases. 

With this recognition, Colombians will receive technical support to enhance each of the functions of the platform. In addition, they granted them 15 million pesos, money with which, according to Correa, they hope to carry out pilot tests directly with health centers. 

"We have been working on this solution for two years to improve the Colombian health system, constantly updating it according to diseases and treatments," concluded Jaime Correa. 

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