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Switch won the AMD award from the Japanese Digital Media Association

The console was recognized for its success in the first year

We are in 2018 and Switch just started with the second year of its life cycle, however, the echo of the success obtained last year persists and the Nintendo console was recognized by the Japanese Digital Media Association as the most innovative product.

During the awards ceremony held by the Japanese Digital Media Association, Nintendo registered another achievement by winning the prestigious Association of Media in Digital (AMD) award, which is awarded to the company with the most innovative product of the year. The award for Switch was presented by the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan, Seiko Noda, in the presence of Yoshiaki Koizumi, Ko Shiota, and Shinya Takahashi. The Nintendo console was recognized for: "being the system, whose form can change to fit the gaming situation, which has had great sales since its launch in March 2017 and has reached total sales of 14 million units. a homemade console can be used outside and by sharing Joy-Con controls with people, games can be played anywhere and anytime.

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