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Still do not understand Nintendo Labo? 6 keys for you to do it

Nintendo Labo has surprised us again. We thought it would not be possible, that we had already seen everything. No, he still kept several aces up his sleeve. The cardboard enters with force in Nintendo Switch through an experience with a lot of potentials to succeed.

It is the great bet of Nintendo for this first half of the year (specifically, next April 27). Nintendo Labo is a new product line for Nintendo Switch that could catapult more to the console. In our first impressions of Nintendo Labo we focus more on the family audience, but after trying again the cartons of the Great N, we have the feeling that we were underestimating their potential. Now we believe that anyone can have an interest in this product. The reason is in the last two keys of this report.

The first ingredient that we believe can enhance the use by older audiences is the creation option: the workshop. We have seen it and its possibilities far exceed our expectations. We believe that it has the potential to generate a very powerful community, capable of expressing itself through its own toys. If the Workshop of Nintendo Labo works well, it can be an authentic madness in networks, especially on Youtube. The second ingredient that we have taken more into account is personalization. We are talking about cardboard, and we already know that it is a material with which you can work very well. We made our first steps. That is why we consider it another factor to be taken into account by the habitual users.

However, the rest of the factors are still important. The assembly is simple, very guided, and widely satisfactory. The Toy-Con have spectacular details, which make you drop an exclamation of surprise. We have several hours of assured entertainment, not only riding the toys but interacting with them through the built-in mini-games. Nintendo Labo has surprised us again, and that is the best conclusion. Right now we are more convinced that this has a lot of potentials, and we not only want to have it already in the newsroom but that more models come.

Mounting cartons

Yes, okay, Nintendo has put us on the last link in the chain. We will spend our first hours riding. There is no other. However, it is a process that can be made highly satisfactory. The instructions are given from the Nintendo Switch screen, and everything is explained in detail, with animations that you can advance/rewind at two speeds. A colorful interface and a cheerful tune accompany us, with the classic Nintendo sympathy. There is even a progression bar so that we know how much we have left, and you are not forced to pull it off (keep in mind that the piano costs three hours approximately). In addition, you can ride it in the company, something that we strongly recommend, because it becomes very bearable.

IN DETAIL: At some time we have become confused and have erred when fitting pieces, but even in these cases it is easy to retrace our steps. We have not feared for the durability of the cardboard. Do not step on it, of course, but resist ... and a lot.

The secret is in the cardboard

There are several magical moments while you are riding the Toy-Con ( the unique details of Nintendo Labo ). It can be a small piece of cardboard that, strategically placed, emulates the sound of the reel of the fishing rod. Or a simple rubber band that you never imagined that could lead to a nice crank. Or a series of reflective stickers that allow the Joy-Con to interpret the playing of the piano keys. Or more cartons that, folded perfectly, emulate a perfect spring; as well as others that, compressed, establish the weights that trigger the fists and legs in the Robot pack. We have been convinced that Nintendo Labo is only worth it for these "magical moments". We already told you in the past: it is cardboard engineering.

IN DETAIL: The backpack, with its pulley system, is one of the most curious things that Nintendo Labo offers at this launching stage. It emulates the walking and the fists of the robot, giving rise to a truly unique experience.

A very special duration

The question of the duration of Nintendo Labo has come to us on numerous occasions. It does not stop being something controversial to answer, because ... how do you calculate it? The truth is that, at least in the Variety pack, it takes approximately 10 hours to assemble all the Toy-Con, something that already ensures entertainment for several afternoons. And watch out, this is just considering the assembly tasks. Actually, between the part of play, discovery, and creation, the actual duration can go far above. Let's not talk about the customization task. Actually, Nintendo Labo is a product open to the imagination and to whatever ideas come to mind; and it is not an exaggeration.

IN DETAIL: The antenna takes 10 minutes to build, but we have other more elaborate Toy-Con, such as the piano or the house, which can go perfectly for 3 hours each. That's the estimate that Nintendo gives. We corroborate it.


Let's be clear It's not that playing seems like the key to Nintendo Labo, but obviously it's the first thing you do when you mount it. There you have the first satisfaction: to check that your Toy-Con works perfectly. It's magic. Each toy has its own mini-game, very basic, but in our opinion, it supposes a great contact with the possibilities that these ingenious cardboard inventions contain. We liked the proposal of the house, how ingenious the cane is, how well the bike is emulated and, above all, the piano, which is an authentic piece of cardboard engineering. Then, of course, the robot, as well designed as it is, although perhaps it seems the most ephemeral proposal. That's why we like the Variety pack more.

IN DETAIL: One of the things that surprised us most about the piano is that you can make cuts on plain paper to create figures. By inserting them into a slot, it acts as a synthesizer, changing the waveform and, consequently, the resulting sound.

Hacking cartons

The most spectacular ingredient of Nintendo Labo is its creation mode. It consists of a system of programming diagrams (very visual and intuitive) that allow us to generate routines, of the conditioning style, counter, or also "loop". We have not been allowed to tinker, and hence we can not go more into detail. However, we have seen live how to program the Toy-Con of the motorbike to, for example, drive the Toy-Con antenna. We could establish things like the console would emit a sound when performing some action, as well as handle the accelerator travel in the case of the cardboard handlebar. But without a doubt, the best thing is that everything is done intuitively, and the system seems deep, enough to create our own toys, share them, and surprise the community.

IN DETAIL: We have been told that we can program up to eight Joy-Con, and even connect several consoles together, taking advantage of the connectivity options of Nintendo Switch. Honestly, this looks like we will see very crazy creations in a short time.


Another of the great advantages of Nintendo Labo is that it is based on cardboard, which is extraordinarily manipulable. This means that you can use markers and basically anything you find on the corner stationery (Nintendo will also get a customization kit for those who do not want to complicate). You can keep the design by default, but we have already tried to customize our own Toy-Con and the results are very satisfactory. Well, maybe we are optimists (look at the image of our 3DJ-Antenauta), but the fact is that it is very entertaining. In this sense, we also expect great things from the community. It all depends on the talent of the users, as well as the hours they want to invest.

IN DETAIL: One of the most curious things is that Nintendo told us that we can take advantage of the design of the sheets used as templates to make new toys. It would only be necessary to buy cardboard in any stationery ... and have a bit of skill.


We spent four hours with Nintendo Labo, in which we assembled Toy-Con, but we also tried all the experiences available in this release. You can also see that there is a lot of personalization potential, and with ingenuity, you can create very original things. Our impressions are totally positive after this contact.

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