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Steam gets serious with groups that incite hatred

Numerous groups of Nazi, racist or sexist themes have been eliminated from the Valve platform.

Some professionals in the sector, such as the GamesIndustry portal, had put the spotlight on Valve for a somewhat lax attitude regarding the existence of certain groups that fostered hatred in Steam. Well, the company led by Gabe Newell has put the batteries and has begun its elimination.

That's what the prestigious blog Kotaku reports, which says that Valve has been silently erasing all groups that incite hatred on the platform, and that include Nazi, racist or sexist themes.

Apparently has been operating in this way for the last two weeks, which is generating a general cleanup on the digital platform that will bring a much healthier and better. The GI website itself explains that, now, searching for terms such as "Nazi" or "school shooting" now only bring results from groups that are against these movements or actions.

Glad to see that Valve is far from stopping in the maintenance of the community of his well-known service, although that does not prevent them from developing video games of which we will be able to know soon.

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