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Square Enix orders cancellation of Tomb Raider remasters

The first three Lara Croft video games were being transformed without permission by Realtech VR for Steam.

Just a few weeks ago we announced that the first Tomb Raider was going to be remastered for Steam. Now, unfortunately, we have to report that the project in question will never come to fruition.

It has just announced Realtech VR, the company that was responsible for developing them, through Twitter. Apparently, the three video games have been "tomatoes" by a Square Enix that had not been asked permission to carry out this work on an intellectual property that is his.

"We are always passionate and excited about everything that surrounds the Tomb Raider saga," declared from Crystal Dynamics, responsible for the latest installments of the series. "Regrettably, the remasters in question had been initiated and promoted without any kind of approval and, as such, they were never officially approved." Amateurs receive a worthy product is one of our missions as a company, and that requires that any project goes through the adequate channels. "

The remastering of the three video games emerged as a response to the bad performance of titles in their current versions. Now Realtech VR will focus on new augmented reality projects for iOS, virtual reality glasses, and PC.

The franchise starring Lara Croft, yes, has been topical lately for the presentation of a Shadow of the Tomb Raider that launches on September 14 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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