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Square Enix evaluates improvements for Chrono Trigger on PC

The company will take into account the comments of the fans

Square Enix surprised the players by launching Chrono Trigger surprisingly on Steam . However, the excitement of the community soon became disappointment. This since the PC version is a mobile title port, so its interface and appearance bothered the fans.

The players revealed their anger on social networks, as well as in the reviews section of Steam. At the time of writing, most of the game analysis on the Valve platform is negative.

Everything indicates that Square Enix will not stay with crossed arms, because it was put in contact with the community. Through Steam forums, the developer said she is aware of the problems with this version of the game.

"Hello everyone, and thanks for the comments you have made on Chrono Trigger . We want you to know that we are reading and listening to your messages, and we are evaluating all the questions that you have raised. Soon we will publish more information on the game page on Steam, "the team wrote.

The company was not entirely clear if it plans to improve the presentation of the game in any way. Nor did he give an estimated date for new information in this regard. Despite this, it is good news to know that they could implement some optimizations to the RPG.

If despite the inconveniences you are interested in the game, take into account that you can get some extras if you buy before April 2. In addition to the title, you will receive a track created from 5 songs, the notes of Yasunori Mitsuda's album in digital format, as well as 6 wallpapers.

Chrono Trigger is available on Steam in exchange for $ 299 MXN. 

Do you think the company will improve this version of the game? Can you buy it if Square Enix works on it? Leave us your comment.


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