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Sony's patent indicates that it works on backward compatibility technology

Opinions refer that PS5 could be retro-compatible with PS4

The issue of backward compatibility has haunted PlayStation for many years. Although the Sony console was successful with the implementation to play PlayStation titles on PS2, the attempt to do so between PS3 and PS2 did not advance and from there has not been said anything about it. Now, a patent modified by Sony recently is causing a stir and some people venture to say that we would be facing the integration of backward compatibility between the hypothetical PS5 and PS4.

According to a report by PlayStation Universe, Sony modified a patent registered in February 2015 that accounts for the development of technology related to backward compatibility. The patent, registered in the name of Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) and the creators, headed by Mark Cerny, is described as a software backward compatibility test in a way that interrupts time measurements. The patent summary states: "a device could run in a test mode in which it is configured to interrupt the processing time measurements that take place in one or more processors while running an application that uses them. to detect errors while the device is operating in that mode. "

After the information was made public, some opinions say that it could be the possible implementation of backward compatibility between PS5 and PS4. Currently, PlayStation offers the ability to play old titles via PlayStation Store and PlayStation Now and last year Jim Ryan, current vice president of SIE, said that backward compatibility was something that many players asked but few used it .

Would you like PS5 to have this feature in order to play PS4 titles?


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