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Sony claims that it would not have made sense to restart God of War

At Sony Santa Monica they did not want to overlook Kratos' entire background of a decade.

In an interview with the portal PlayStation Lifestyle the head of the new delivery of God of War has spoken about the concept behind this episode, and the reasons why they decided not to opt for a restart for the franchise but for a continuation.

"It's as if the first video games were a background, " Barlog said in line with the criticism of those who think something we discussed recently in a debate in the newsroom of 3DJuegos, and that is if God of War has changed too much. "A lot of people asked us why we did not start over and offer a new hero, I can only answer that we have a decade of character development, and why we were going to throw it away, no, you can not do that ."

"Also, why would not we want to see it? I mean we're not the same people we were when we were in college, right? Some of us have more years, and Kratos is the same," he explained in the interview in which he assures that a restart would not make sense. "His life at that time was something like what my life was like and the rest of the team, we were in our college years at that moment of development, we lived in the moment and we tried to outdo everyone else. We did not measure or think too much about things. "

"Maybe the new video game is not a 1: 1 copy of the old ones, but when you play it you will discover that it is a game of the God of War saga, because it has its DNA, although the rhythm is a bit slower and the different camera, "said a creative who recently made the news for defending the video games for a single player . "I think it was difficult to get it, but we've done it."

God of War, remember, is released on April 20 for PS4.

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