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SIE Santa Monica explains why God of War has RPG elements

Aaron Kaufman said the goal is to offer more options for the player

We are within a month of the arrival of God of War and as the date expected by millions of players approaches, SIE Santa Monica reveals more information that only makes the new Kratos game more desirable. After the celebration of an event for media, the development team offered more information about the title and explained the reason why we will find more RPG elements in the adventure.

In an interview for Geek Culture, Aaron Kaufman, head of the strategy for the community of SIE Santa Monica, spoke about the RPG elements that await us in God of War and the reasons that led the team to integrate this type of characteristics. According to Kaufman, the main reason why the new title of Kratos has some sections inspired by the genre RPG is to provide the greatest amount of options to the player: "the previous games of God of War they focused on the combat and the kind of experience that, in that sense, you wanted to have. We gave you the option to choose weapons, change them at every moment and develop skills around them. Now, with more RPG elements, you have the armor, the ax and different ways to increase level; you have a shield, hand-to-hand combat and you have Atreus. All this can be improved, either with respect to the skills or by giving them new elementary effects. "

Finally, the director said that the idea of SIE Santa Monica during the development of God of War has been to offer more options to the player and that these generate a strategic environment that was not present in previous installments: "everything was reduced to give players strategic options that allow them to decide how they want to play the title. "

God of War will arrive on April 20 to PS4.

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