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Sega discovers the surprising origin of Sonic

Its creators invented a story about the Second World War to give life to the character.

Two of Sonic's parents have taken advantage of their passage through the GDC 2018 to tell the surprising origin of SEGA's mascot, which is born from a fictional story that Japanese creatives devised to make this charismatic character more attractive. The background? Naoto Oshima and Hirokazu Yasuhara invented a story based on a US pilot of World War II who was nicknamed "the hedgehog" because he flew so fast, his hair stood on end.

The fame of the pilot was such that he came to use the image of a hedgehog, the work of his wife, a writer, and illustrator of children's stories, to customize his fighter plane and jacket. A story that was exciting enough for Sega's capitols to give Sonic's design a nod, which would soon become the mascot of the Japanese company.

Japanese creatives have told other curiosities about the birth of the character. At first, the team of Sega in charge of the game thought of three types of character: a hedgehog, they an armadillo a dog or even a man with a mustache, which would end up becoming the evil Eggman / Robotnik. The Japanese creators especially liked the hedgehog, because its ability to become a ball that could roll was ideal for a video game; also its barbs, with which it could harm enemies. However, they decided to test his work on the street.

The veteran Oshima went to Central Park, in New York, and asked the pedestrians, who mostly opted for the image of the hedgehog. His first designs were very simple because the idea was to create a character that children could draw. He opted for the color blue since this was the color of Sega, and at all times we looked for a design that was easily recognizable, a character who achieved the fame of others such as Mickey Mouse.

The story of the origin of Sonic comes after the recent announcement of Sonic Mania Plus, the improved version of the fantastic platform video game with which Sega surprised last year.

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