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Sea of ​​Thieves registers one million players in its first 48 hours

Rare rates the numbers of players in his multiplayer pirates as unprecedented.

The enormous popularity of Sea of Thieves during its many Alphas and Betas has been transferred directly to the numbers of its final version and, this time, Rare has made public the incredible numbers of its first two days on sale.

"We've seen some unprecedented numbers approaching Sea of Thieves and playing it," said Joe Neate, executive producer of the video game by advancing that more than one million players have played it in the first 48 hours of the title on sale. "The interest has been a real madness, and the amount of people who have approached him has left us impressed."

The words of Neate, escorted by Craig Duncan the director of the study, come to the thread to provide explanations about the problems of connection and latency that some fans are experiencing in the first two weeks of the game on sale and that led to the British study itself recognize the launch problems of Sea of Thieves .

Microsoft, of course, has not made public the numbers of units sold, and it is necessary to remember that the video game is part of the catalog available to subscribers of Xbox Game Pass.

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