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Sea of ​​Thieves already has its best player, but the community does not recognize it

The Prod1gyX streamer was criticized for its methods

A few days after its release, Sea of Thieves, the multiplayer pirate title developed by Rare, already has its best player and, therefore, its first pirate legend. However, the user community has not seen the achievement with good eyes and have criticized the methods used to achieve the coveted level.

Recently, the streamer known as Prod1gyX became the first player to have the highest reputation in Sea of Thieves. Unfortunately, the achievement is taken into account in a quantitative environment and the way in which the player reached the highest level is not considered; according to some reports, the streamer fulfilled the missions of the 3 factions present in the game, the Gold Accumulators, the Order of Souls and the Alliance of Merchants, but not as you would expect. The problem and the criticisms of the community arise from the fact that they detected that Prod1gyX requested support from its audience to search and take charge of the different missions of each faction, once the objective was to be fulfilled, the streamer joined the group of pirates that he had discovered a treasure, claimed the booty, increased his reputation and so on. Once Prod1gyX reached the highest level in Sea of Thieves, he was awarded the title of Pirate Legend and had access to new areas and exclusive missions.

In reaction to this situation, some users created the hashtag #notmypiratelegend to make public the method used by the streamer, which is considered unethical. At the same time, a sector of players asked Rare to remove the title of Pirate Legend from the user and to pay attention to that type of details because, currently, the methods he used are not prohibited in the Sea of Thieves regulations. The company has not responded.

Sea of Thieves is available on Xbox One and Windows 10


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